About Me

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you already mastered, you will never grow” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

Hi! I’m Christina, a Nevada native calling Southern California home. I started running in high school. During my junior year, I joined the cross country and track teams and I’ve been hooked ever since. Looking back, I know I could have pushed more, ran faster, and logged more miles. Regardless I am satisfied in just starting to run when I did. Running has changed my life in so many positive ways. I’ve made amazing friends, met inspiring people, and I continue to push my body to new extremes.

After graduating college, I got serious about my running. I slowly built up my mileage, started racing, and joined a local running club, the So Cal Pacers. I ran my first half marathon in December 2007. I ran it in less than two hours and the minute I turned the corner at mile 13 and I saw the finish line, the cheering spectators, and all of the amazing athletes on the road I knew I wanted this to be a part of my life forever. Three months later, I ran my first marathon, the Los Angeles Marathon, in March 2008.

To date, I’ve completed three marathons and seven half marathons. I also was the overall female winner at a local 10K! When I first started training for marathons, I set my sights on running a sub-4 marathon, meaning running all 26.2 miles in less than four hours. I didn’t meet this goal on my first two attempts, but as they say, third time is a charm! In December 2009, I ran the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon in my hometown with the support of my loving (very loud, sign holding, cow bell ringing) family on the course. I finished in 3:58:04! All of my intense training that summer paid off. I crossed the finish line with my mother watching me and a smile on my face. After accomplishing this goal, I set another one for myself: to run a marathon in 3:40 and qualify for Boston.

Before I could kick training into an even higher gear, and try to shave those additional 18 minutes off my time to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I encountered a huge set-back in my running. In February 2010, I injured my knee, yet again. The prognosis was a fully torn ACL and a torn meniscus. In May 2010, I underwent my third knee surgery. This time however, the surgeon was performing a revision surgery, meaning that the outcome is less certain and recovery is more difficult.

So, this is where I am now. Instead of logging more miles and focusing on speed workouts, I am focusing on rehabilitating me knee. I have a long and difficult road ahead of me and I know it will not be easy. I hope this journey is short. I hope that I will be able to run again soon. I hope I have more marathons left in me, because the roads, the trails and the track are all beckoning me, and Boston isn’t just a goal, it is a race I will run one day.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Kathy Perkins

    Hi Christina! This was awesome…I have tears in my eyes just reading it. You are so awesome and your story is amazing. I can’t wait to show it to Mike because as a runner himself (younger days) he will totally understand your love for the sport. He admire your running already! When is your surgery? I want to keep up with how it goes and how your recovery goes. Take care!

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