Back on the saddle

Earlier in the week I was cleared to ride my bike and this morning I finally seized the opportunity and went out for my first post surgery ride. Just four and a half weeks ago I had arthroscopic surgery, notchplasty, and a hardware removal procedure preformed on my right knee and this morning I was riding my bike on the streets. It was amazing.

Being a new cyclist, I am still a bit weary of the road and the drivers that zoom by me. I am still learning cycling etiquette, and the feel of my bike. Despite being a novice cyclist, I am finding that each and every ride I go on I have a new sense of confidence on the bike.

This morning, I did a fun and easy 9.05 miles on my bike.  There were some small rolling hills and one gigantic overpass that seemed like it would never end. However, I steadfastly kept pedaling and eventually make it to the top. I got stopped by, what seemed to be, the longest train ever, coincidentally while I was on Railroad Road. On my way back home, I rode down the above mentioned overpass hill and hit 27.1 miles per hour before slowing it down a bit. It was such an exhilarating rush going that fast, but I had to slow down. Maybe in a few months I will be much more comfortable at speeds like that.

Overall, it was a great ride. I rode 9.05 miles and averaged 13.6 miles per hour with my fastest speed topping out at 27.1 mph for a brief moment.

One response to “Back on the saddle

  1. Glad that you had a good ride!

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