Uppin’ the ante in PT

Rehabilitation in physical therapy is going better than
expected so far. I am amazed at all that I can do, and I even feel like my
right quad is getting stronger by the day. My therapist even gave me more
exercises to do. Now, I also do the leg press, leg extension, hamstring curl,
and butt kick machines at therapy each visit. When those are combined with my dead
lifts, calf raises, squats, bird dips, and leg lifts, and 20 minute bike ride
warm up (that I really push myself on), physical therapy is more of an actual
gym session. I love it! I’ve even upped some of the weight resistance on those
machines since I started doing them last week.

While I said that I am feeling stronger, my right leg is
still noticeably smaller than my left leg and does not have as much muscle
definition, but that is more than a year of atrophy, so it will take some time
to get back to normal.

In the meantime, I have been looking at some bike tours in
the area. I am cleared to ride my road bike and I really miss the race
atmosphere that accompanied marathon running. I found one bike tour in San Diego in August that
looks especially promising. It is a 26 mile bike ride and it looks fabulous. I
really want to do it, and I hope it is my future. Eventually, I would love to
do a century ride, but just like with running, I’ve got to start small.

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