Surgery is over


I had my surgery 10 days ago and so far things have been going great. Compared to my previous knee surgeries, which have all been some sort of ACL reconstruction surgeries, arthroscopic surgery is a walk in the park!

Zac and I arrived at the hospital and they shortly took me back. I got dressed in the ever-so-fashionable hospital gown that was ten sizes too large and was hooked up to an IV. It was all pretty standard, but I remember having the nicest nurses. They were sweet and funny ladies.

My surgeon and anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and ask me questions. While talking with the anesthesiologist, I gave him to okay to give me the femoral nerve block, which is administered through a long needle in my groin region. This, he told me, would numb my entire leg and take away all of the pain. While on the way to the OR, the anesthesiologist gave me some sedative that I forgot the name of and everything from there is a blur. Luckily, I don’t even remember the nerve block.

Upon waking up from anesthesia, I recall being the most coherent and feeling the best that I ever had after surgery. I was upbeat, happy and chipper. I chatted with my nurse and then he wheeled me to recovery where Zac was able to join me.

Several minutes later, the doctor came in and spoke to us. He said that the surgery went well, but that my knee wasn’t in good shape. I asked him if he would have performed the osteotomy had the insurance company approved it, and he replied, “yes.” The doctor went on to say that I only had about two percent of my medial meniscus remaining, which was shredded. He had to clean it up, which left me with only about one percent. Additionally, he said he started to see some wear on my articular cartilage because of the lack of meniscus. (This is what the osteotomy would have helped. It would have prevented further damage to this cartilage and possibly would have saved me from experiencing arthritis in the future). Furthermore, he told me that the bad placement of my ACL from my previous surgery was in such a bad spot, that the impingement actually rubbed so much that it caused microscopic tears in the ACL graft. However, he was able to shave down the area in my knee causing the impingement and he cleaned it up to be the best that it can.


I was walking a couple days after surgery. I still experience some stiffness and pressure caused by the swelling, but I think I am doing unbelievably well. I have a request in to start physical therapy, and I should be starting that hopefully next week. Surprisingly, the part of surgery that was the most painful so far was the area where I received the femoral block. For a few days after surgery, my groin was in pain and I could painfully feel the line where the long needle travelled. It doesn’t hurt anymore though.

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