Reasons Why My American Pit Bull Terrier is Like a Child

Before we adopted Zoey, we did a lot of research on her breed. Unfortunately, the media has given American Pit Bull Terriers an unwarranted stigma that even I was wary of before we adopted her. After just a bit of research though, I learned that these dogs are actually quite remarkable animals that do not deserve the negativity they receive. While researching, I remember reading something about the intelligence of an APBT. I read (and I do not know where I read this) that these are smart dogs with very humanistic traits and qualities. Now that Zoey has been a member of our family for eight months now, I could not agree more. She really does act like a human child and sometimes I think she thinks she is one. Here are the top five reasons for why my American Pit Bull Terrier is like a child.

1. She loves to play dress up

Zoey loves bandanas, her collar, dressing up, and looking pretty. In fact, when we take her collar off for baths, she hates it. She gets so excited when she wears bandanas that she prances around the house in them. One day, she even got out her pink bandana, brought it to Zac, and put it on his chest because she wanted to wear it.

2. She pouts when she does not get her way

When Zoey does not get her way, she pouts. She will lay either on her bed or by the sliding glass door and curl up in a ball facing away from us. She will then begin her series of loud, exaggerated sighs showing her frustration. This lasts for at least several minutes.

3. She gets upset when she is punished

If Zoey does something she isn’t supposed to do, we correct her by saying, “wrong,” or, “OHHH, wrong.” She hates this. She hates being punished more than not wearing her collar. She sadly hangs her head in shame and slowly begins to glance up, as if she is looking to us for approval. She will then continue to be sad until we show her that we are no longer mad at her. Once we reassure her, she is back to her spry self.  

4. She loves running through the sprinklers

Kids love running through sprinklers on a warm summer day, and so does Zoe. We’ve only had her since October, so now that the weather is nice outside, we are truly seeing just how much she loves running through the sprinklers and chasing the water stream from the hose. Running from sprinkler to sprinkler, she circles our back yard vivaciously chasing each sprinkler head when we water the grass. Also, she loves the jet stream from the hose. She will chase it, jump up to get it, and even stand on her hind legs to reach it.

5. She loves hideouts, forts, and exploring mysterious spaces

One thing I learned from my little brother growing up is that forts and hideouts always make things better, and Zoey could not agree more. Zoey has made her own fort in our house. She will crouch down low and go behind our couch. She will also hang out and nap behind our couch and in between our couch and recliner. That space is her space – her secret hideout.



2 responses to “Reasons Why My American Pit Bull Terrier is Like a Child

  1. Zoey is super cute! She sound a lot like Wyatt. I’m not entirely sure what breed of pit he is, but he looks a lot like Zoey too.

    He also pouts when he doesn’t get his way. When he wants to go out he’ll sit by the door. If we ignore him then he’ll start moaning and growling to get our attention. He also will spin in circles to get our attention. It’s pretty hilarious.

    They are definitely smart. I hate to say it, but he is a lot smarter than our little schnauzer/yorkie girl.

  2. Thanks! I love how they pout. I think it is so cute and it is so hard NOT to give into them right away. It is like you can just look at them and know what they are thinking.

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