Give Old Shoes New Life

My tried and true running shoe for more than six years was the Asics Gel Kayano. I do not know how many of these shoes I went through during my glory days of running, but it is safe to say I bought at least three or four new pairs of these bad boys each year, especially when my mileage increased significantly.

For feet, nothing beet trying on a new pair of Kayanos. It was always like slipping my feet into a cloud. It was amazing. Getting a new pair of running shoes was electrifying. I could not wait to get them on and get them dirty. With my new kicks, I would explore the roads and the trails and feel so free.

But seeing as how my running days are in the past, it is time for me to fully let go of my running shoes. I am not saying to forget about running altogether, but it is time to move on and contribute my shoes to the greater good of running. It is time to donate them. Since my February 2010 injury, I’ve been holding on to them as if having them would let me run again. I’ve even held on to the ones I planned on donating early last year. However keeping these shoes lined up in my closet only serves as a daily reminder of what I can no longer do. It is time for my shoes to get new use.

When donating old running and athletic shoes, people have quite a few options besides just dropping them off at the local donation center.

Here is a list of potential places where you can donate your old running shoes.

Give Running

This organization serves the greaterLos Angelesarea serves the underprivileged.

Recycled Runners

This drop off organization provides an online network to find local running shoe donation spots.

Soles4Souls (This organization’s name reminds me of a Shakespearean pun in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar)

This organization is based inNashvilleand focuses on giving them to people in need. Soles4Souls has a worldwide reach and helps people inKenya,Thailand, and other places.

Nike ReUSE a Shoe

You can donate athletic shoes of any brand to this program to recycle them into new athletic surfaces. Nike grinds the shoes up and uses them for playgrounds, tracks, and even new shoes. I also believe that Nike and Nike Outlet stores have in-store donation bins.

There are also many other places to donate your shoes. This is just a small list. I haven’t decided where I will donate mine yet, but right now I am thinking about donating them to my local Nike Outlet store to save on shipping.


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