The Garmin is back!

It has almost been a month since the last time I ran. While I am still using my running shoes and workout clothes on a regular basis, some of my more running-specific items, such as my Garmin and SpiBelt, are stored away collecting dust. However, yesterday I found a new use for my Garmin.

Finally, it occurred to me to wear my Garmin while I take Zoey for a walk. I was actually pretty excited to see the distance around our neighborhood. Last night during our evening walk, I strapped on the Garmin and took to the street. Usually, we do three laps around the development. For the longest time I thought that each lap was about a quarter mile, but I was wrong. Each lap is a third of a mile, meaning Zoey and I walk a mile in the morning and in the evening in about 15 minutes!

Even though a mile is nothing compared to the distance I use to cover, I am excited. I walked two fast paced miles yesterday. It may not be much, but I am starting to build up my mileage.

Friday: 2 mile walk broken up into 1 mile in the morning and 1 mile in the evening


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