First Christmas in our first house

Zac and I celebrated Christmas in our first house this year and it was a most memorable Christmas. Unfortunately, due to Zac’s work schedule as a paramedic, he had to work on Christmas Eve. He left Christmas Eve in the morning and came home on Christmas morning.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I broke out the holiday tunes and turned our humble abode into a festive Christmas house. I set up the tree and decorated it with our hand painted ornaments that Zac’s mom makes. They are absolutely beautiful and ever since I officially joined the family I now get a regular ornament in addition to a custom painted pink ornament every year.

In addition to this being our first Christmas in our first home, this was also our first Christmas with our pup Zoey. Also, my parents made the two-day drive down so that they could celebrate with us also. With both sets of parents in the same general area, Christmas was buzzing and busy, but it was a fun way to celebrate this year. They arrived on Christmas Eve and went out to dinner with my brother while I went to a Christmas party with my in-laws. Every Christmas Eve we go to this Christmas party with very close family friends and they serve a delicious Mexican feast complete with homemade tamales! There was even pumpkin cheesecake, which was so decadent I it made it difficult for me to stop myself at one small slice. After the Christmas party, I came home to my family and we watched Avatar. What was really nice is that our house has enough room so that all of my family can stay with us. My parents and little brother were there. It has been such a long time since all of us were under the same roof and it was a nice change.

Christmas morning came quickly. Zac returned home shortly after 6:30 a.m. and he woke both Zoey and me up. A little bit later, we celebrated Christmas morning with my family. This was my first Christmas morning with my parents and brother since 2006 and it was very special to have them around. Usually I only see them for Thanksgiving and this was a nice change. Around 10 a.m., my parents and brother took off for my grandma’s house, which is about two hours away, and Zac and I prepared to go to his parents’ house for our usual Christmas morning over there. We ate a French toast brunch and opened gifts.

Later on Christmas day, Zac and I headed to his Aunt’s house for the usual Christmas Day dinner that has been a long standing tradition in his family. This Christmas Dinner was also very special this year because Zac’s cousin recently had a baby in October. This was the first year in 17 years that there has been a baby in the family for Christmas and all of the family was delighted! After Christmas Dinner at his Aunt’s house, we returned home and my parents came back shortly after we did. That night, we watched the movie Gran Torino with my family. It was a movie I had seen before but knew that my dad would love, so I was thrilled when Zac saw it on one of the movie channels earlier that morning and taped it. While it isn’t your prototypical Christmas movie, it does have an excellent message and my father loved it.

Now, up until now it may seem as if I ditched my parents a bit on Christmas. That is not the case. They made last minute plans to come down to visit this year and Zac and I already had our long-standing Christmas traditions in place. So, what we did was extend Christmas one more day! We had three days of Christmas festivities this year and it made the holiday so much brighter. The day after Christmas, Zac and I cooked a Christmas feast for just my family. We slow roasted prime rib, made red roasted potatoes, had green beans and mushrooms, and garlic cheese bread. Yum! After the meal, my parents had to pack up the truck and begin their two day drive home. While it was a hectic Christmas this year, it was amazing to see everyone and get to spend it with both of our families. That is something that just does not happen that often.

Overall, Zac and I had a great Christmas this year. We gave awesome gifts, received awesome gifts, and Zoey got some great stuff too. She absolutely loves her new temperpedic foam doggie bed and her pink argyle sweater! I hope that everyone else had a safe and enjoyable holiday season.


One response to “First Christmas in our first house

  1. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas in the new home!

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