What?! A screw?

Finally, seven months after my surgery, I saw a new orthopedic surgeon to get my second opinion. I possibly may have an answer as to why my knee still constantly hurts and why my recovery hasn’t improved much in the past few months like how it should have. While my rehabilitation started off great, it slowly hit a plateau and then started to decline in late July.

My appointment was this past Monday and I was naively optimistic that it would be positive. I was wrong. Well, I was slightly wrong. After giving the surgeon the history of my right knee, which rivals in length with Titanic, he began the exam. He checked the stability and elasticity of my ACL and then examined all around my knee. He came upon a spot that I thought was residual scar tissue and immediately said, “well, that’s a screw.”

“WHAT?” I thought to myself replaying what I just heard. I thought I hadn’t heard his correctly, but sure enough, I did.

He then told me that I was going to take an X-ray and that if it is a metal screw, that it should be removed. Also, he told me that this screw could be the root of many of my post-op problems. After a quick X-ray, the doctor confirmed that I do have a metal screw protruding from my tibia that can be felt underneath my skin. He told me that this situation is certainly “not ideal” and that it should come out. This means a third knee surgery for my right knee. Luckily, this procedure is very minor and doesn’t require any rehabilitation at all. I am hoping that this single screw is my knee’s Achilles heel and that this procedure helps a ton.


5 responses to “What?! A screw?

  1. I hope it’s really that “simple”. I’m so happy for you to finally be getting some answers.

  2. Hmmm – how do you put in a permanent screw where a one that dissolves should be? Sound like a problem to me?

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