Our first home

It is hard to imagine that Zac and I have finally bought our first home. Zac and I started the house hunting process in the beginning of August and we were lucky enough to find a home that we fell in love with right away. The escrow process was a bit more complicated, and we had to file for an extension on our closing date twice! We finally got our keys on October 22 and this is the place we now call home.

The front of the house

This is our living room.

Our kitchen that I love to bake in. I love the under cupboard lights.

This is our dining room. Since I took the picture, we have bar stools now.

Our downstairs guest room. We also have a 3/4 bathroom downstairs also for guests. I am currently deciding which color to paint it. I am leaning toward a light Tiffany blue color.

This is the master bedroom. Before we bought the bedroom set, our Queen sized bed looked so tiny in it. Luckily we know that once we upgrade to a King sized bed we will have enough room.

Our amazing master bathroom. I love, love my jetted jacuzzi tub. It takes forever to fill up, but it is so worth it. Also, I have the closet of my dreams finally. For the first time in my life, I have a closet big enough for all of my clothes, shoes, and purses.

This is our work-in-progress office area. It is a little loft area right off of the stairs. I am currently searching for an executive-style L-shaped desk for this space.

Upstairs bedroom number 1

Upstairs bedroom number 2

Laundry room with our new Samsung steam washer and dryer. Love the red!

Upstairs bathroom. I love that there are two sinks. While growing up I had to share a bathroom with my little brother and two sinks were amazing, so I know our future kiddos will thank us in many years to come.

Seeing as how we have only been in our house for a few weeks now, it is still a work-in-progress. I have three weeks off during Christmas break and we plan on using that time for painting and decorating. I am so excited to see how we make this house our home over the next several years.


10 responses to “Our first home

  1. Your new house is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!!

  2. It’s a beautiful home!! I am totally envious of your kitchen! 🙂

  3. Congrats on your new house! It looks beautiful!

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  5. Wow. Awesome first home. I wouldn’t even want to show mine off!

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