Training my future running partner

Zac and I knew that we wanted to enroll Zoey in obedience school as quickly as possible. While her shoe chewing habit was relatively easy to break (three shoes and a leather leash later), we still want to make sure that she is an obedient dog who listens. Once I am better and she is old enough, I plan to make her my running dog. I never plan on running with her off leash, but I still want her to know the basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “leave it,” “place,” and “drop it.”

Her first class was on Thursday and I am already noticing a huge difference on the leash. She mastered the “watch me” command without any distractions at school within a matter of minutes and the only time I have trouble with that command is when we are walking and there are major distractions, but for the most part, she has it. Also, after applying the walking techniques from training (stopping the second she pulls and redirecting if she is too focused on an object), her loose leash skills have already gotten better.

She just loves going for walks. Her ears perk up when she hears the clang from her leash and she rushes to the garage door and sits patiently. Once my knee is better, I know that she is going to love her runs as well. I am already training her to be my future running partner and I absolutely cannot wait until I am cleared to run and she is old enough to run because she is going to be an excellent running buddy.


One response to “Training my future running partner

  1. How exciting that you will be able to run with her! Neither of my dogs can run with me. One is too old and the other is too big, he just isn’t a runner. I enrolled Duke in obedience class as soon as he was old enough and it was extremely helpful, although I was never sure which one of us was being trained!

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