Knee update

It has been a long time since my last blog post. In the past couple weeks there have been a lot of changes. First, our house closed and we moved in. The Internet was finally installed today. I couldn’t ask for better timing because I have a lot of grades to enter for school because the second six-week grading term has already come to a close.
In regards to my knee, I have finally seen the new doctor that my lawyer arranged me to meet. I really wish that I would have hired a lawyer much earlier in the game because I finally now feel like I am getting the care I deserve. I met with the doctor and he is going to have me see several specialists. I am meeting with a new orthopedic surgeon whom specializes in sports medicine. I also have an appointment to meet with a psychologist and an internal doctor to discuss how not running is affecting my happiness and how this injury is affecting my sleep. Also, I have already met with a neurologist to discuss and test the nerve damage that I experienced in surgery in my left leg.
After I woke up from anesthesia, I noticed that I did not have any feeling whatsoever in my left upper thigh. I would poke it as hard as I could and I didn’t feel a thing. The only sensation I had was when I would smack it. I would feel an abnormally sharp stinging sensation all over. Since surgery, the overall area of this has slightly subsided, but still, five and a half months after surgery I am having this problem. When I met with the neurologist, he conducted a nerve test. I had no idea what the nerve test consisted of. Had I known, I probably would have been much more apprehensive about it throughout the day.
The nerve test consisted of electricity and needles. Both of my legs were shocked and stuck with needles. When the time came to stick the needle in my left leg where I don’t have any feeling, I did not feel it at all. I actually asked the doctor when he was going to do it and he informed me that he had already stuck me and taken the needle out. This was just odd to me. But, what was most peculiar of all was the fact that the one part of my leg where I don’t have any feeling was the one part where the needle stick did the most damage. I bled and bruised. In fact, even more than a week later, I still have this bruise. I should know the results of this test the next time I meet with the doctor. I am excited to see the extent of my nerve damage. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.


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