I’d like to introduce you to (hopefully) our new family addition

It looks like there may be an addition to our family! Say hello to Zoey. She is the little doggie that Zac and I are hoping to adopt next week, and she will also become my new running partner once my knee gets better. She literally walked into our lives earlier this week and it was love at first sight for Zac.

This sweet little girl wandered into the ambulance bay at Zac’s work on Monday. She spent several hours with the paramedics in the ambulance bay. She was overjoyed to have friends and freshwater. Once the animal control officer from the Humane Society got to his work to pick her up, Zac was already in love. He was told that if she wasn’t adopted in about five days she would most likely be put down because she is a Pit Bull mix. This broke his heart. He sent me a picture message of her with the text, “wanna adopt her?”

On Tuesday, we went to the shelter to visit her and I fell in love also. At this time, we had an uncertain close date on our house and I was stressing out about finding her a foster home until we closed. I was actually quite stressed about this because I wanted to get her into a consistent home as quickly as possible. This situation all went away on Thursday of this week when we learned that the last remaining document we were waiting for from the seller’s lawyer came in. We should have our keys on Wednesday! Wow. It seems like forever; we’ve been in escrow for more than two weeks already!

So, Zoey is officially available for adoption on Monday. The only way we won’t get her is if her owners, if she even has any, claim her tomorrow. However, I do not think that she has any because if they exist, they haven’t claimed her yet and she is doesn’t have a collar or a chip. Once we adopt her, she will have her surgery on Tuesday and we can pick her up Tuesday night. I can’t wait for her to finally be out of that shelter; it is so depressing. Once I am back to running, I have a great feeling that she is going to make an excellent running companion.


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