Daily Archives: September 10, 2010

Electrical Stimulation in Therapy

I had physical therapy today and it went well. The therapist decided to take it easy today and to try some new things considering I am having some difficulties with my knee lately. Today was one of the most conservative physical therapy visits I have had since I started going to physical therapy three months ago.

My physical therapy session started with heat. The therapist warmed me up by applying heat and electrical stimulation to my knee. http://physicaltherapy.about.com/od/abbreviationsandterms/g/EStim.htm.

Following this, I just did my mat exercises, which are all of my different leg lifts with a three pound weight strapped around my ankle. After the leg lifts, I rode on the bike for ten minutes, which really helped loosen up some of the tension that built up throughout the day.

I ended the therapy session with ice and the three-channel clinical model H-Wave machine. The therapist hooked up me up to the machine. I had to take my shoe and sock off. One patch was applied to my heel, one to my calf, one on each side of my knee, and two on my quad. This machine stimulated the muscles in my knee. While on the machine, the muscles in my knee passively contracted to help increase blood flow to my injured area. It felt weird and looked even weirder!  Take a look. The video below is my leg.