Still some more downs

Earlier this week I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor concerning my revision ACL surgery. I am about three and a half months out of surgery and up until recently things have been great. Lately, I’ve been in pain every day after teaching. My knee swells up by fourth period and by time I get home it is swollen and I am in pain.

My swollen knee

At my last appointment, I showed my doctor the swelling and he was quite concerned. Pretty much, the swelling concerns him because it is an indicator that something is wrong. Granted, I am not icing as much as I should be, and I am not taking my anti-inflammatories as frequently as I should be, but it should not be this swollen.

So this past week, I have focused on really making sure that I ice and take my anti-inflammatory medication twice each day. It is helping, but I have minor swelling by the end of the day. My pain level, however, has subsided toward the end of the day and the end of the week so that is good.
For now, I am limited to only going to physical therapy once a week. No other working out.

This past week, I also received my new athletic ligament protection knee brace. It is actually an off-the-shelf brace because the insurance company did not approve a custom fit brace. Suprisingly, this brace fits me perfectly and is quite comfortable. It is an Ossur CTI brace. It is pretty futuristic looking. I will most likely have to wear it for athletics and working out for almost a year. Plus, I am wearing it to work right now to give me extra support because I am on my feet all day long.

My new brace.


2 responses to “Still some more downs

  1. I really hope that things get back on track with your recovery! I’m glad the brace seems to be helping, and I really hope the swelling stops. Hang in there!

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