Two new upper-body exercises

When you go to the gym with your husband and do just two arm exercises with him, you are extremely sore the next day. This is the story of my life right now.

On Sunday, Zac and I went to the gym together. He warned me it would be a long day, and I still did my walking (1.25 miles in about 20 minutes) before heading off to the gym. I finished all of my physical therapy exercises for my leg early and began working out my upper body. After I completed my upper body workout, I tagged along with Zac for his final two exercises at the gym: bicep curls and a chest fly exercise. These exercise, however, were not your typical exercises.

For the bicep curls, I had a seat at the bicep curl machine that utilized free weights. (Free weights are much heavier and offer more resistance than resistance machines for the designated amount of weight used). I only did one set of bicep curls, but I did a ladder set than began with heavy weight and ended with light weight. Zac calls these burnouts. I started with 25lbs. Boy, it was heavy. After about eight reps at 25lbs I was feeling as if my muscles were going to explode from my arm. He told me to keep going and he removed a 5lb plate from the machine. I kept going, doing as many reps as I could, as he continued to take off another 5lb plate. I went from 25lbs to 20 lbs to 15 lbs and finally to 10lbs. At 10lbs, I did as many as I could until I completely exhausted my muscles. I lost count along the way, but I estimate I probably did about 40-something reps in this one set.

Then, for the chest fly exercise, we headed over to the cable machine. I lunged forward with one leg and completed 3 sets of 15 reps of chest flys on the cable machine.

 So, here I am, one day later with my arms and chest feeling like liquefied Jell-o. If you are looking for a new kind of bicep curl or chest fly, I highly suggest these ones. They are killer!


One response to “Two new upper-body exercises

  1. That does sound like quite a workout!!!

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