Eye infection…boo

Earlier in the week I noticed that my contacts were not feeling that great once I put them in my eyes. I thought that my current pair was just a little bit too old and I replaced them with a new pair. This worked, for about two days. On Wednesday of this week, I noticed that once again my contacts were really bothering me, but Zac and I were in Huntington Beach for the day and I had to suck it up. The minute we got home I raced to the bathroom and peeled the contact lenses from my eyes. Right away I experienced a burning sensation.

Now, here is the thing, I have had an eye infection before (although my previous one was a really bad one that started with a scratched cornea…ouch) and didn’t think anything of it. I just figured that since I’ve been working a lot on my literature review that my eyes needed a break from the computer. So, I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening with Zac.

I woke up on Thursday morning ready to get my butt in the gym. I drank my 8 ounces of V8 Fusion Light juice, drank some water, got dressed, brushed my teeth and attempted to put my contacts in. I put the left one in first, and while it didn’t feel great, it wasn’t horrible. Then, I put in the right contact and they very second it was in I had to take it out because the pain was intolerable. Immediately I knew I had an eye infection so I made an appointment with the eye doctor (and of course it wasn’t covered by insurance because it is medical and for it to be covered by insurance I would have to first make an appointment with my primary physician and then get a referral. Yeah, that was not going to happen.) I went in mid day and sure enough I have an eye infection. Apparently, it is highly contagious and it is running rampant around my area. In fact, the eye doctor had already seen quite a few similar viral eye infections earlier that day.

So, I have spiffy eye drops I am using four times daily and I am wearing my old glasses for a week. My glasses prescription is so old that when I covered my right eye, the large E in the office was blurry…wearing my glasses. I haven’t had my lenses replaces since college and it is amazing how much your eyes can change in four years.

The only good news out of this whole eye infection ordeal is that at my follow up appointment on Wednesday, if my infection has cleared, the doctor is going to determine if I am a candidate for LASIK eye surgery to correct my horrible vision.


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