Daily Archives: June 30, 2010

Six week update…I’m driving now :)

Yesterday was six weeks since surgery. I can’t believe it was a month and a half ago. It is pretty sad though because I feel like summer is slipping away as I am eager to rehabilitate my knee.

At physical therapy they say I am making great progress and the proof is in my new workout load. They have me doing 8 sets of 10 reps for all of my exercises now! That is a lot. Let me tell you, I definitely am feeling the burn. I am also doing my calf raises on one leg now. You do it, I challenge you. Do 80 calf raises on just one leg. It is pretty intense.

Also, I am cleared to drive now and it is awesome. I feel like I have all of this newly found freedom now; I am no longer trapped at the house when Zac is away at work.