Daily Archives: June 18, 2010

One month since surgery!

It has been one month since my Revision ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Removal surgery and I thought I would celebrate with a post about all of my little accomplishments and progressions toward recovery. The road to recovery thus far has been long and painful, and I still have more pain to endure, especially with physical therapy starting on Monday.

  • I no longer need pain medication
  • My stitches are out
  • I am now sleeping upstairs in my bed, rather than downstairs on a blowup mattress
  • I can go up and down the stairs with my crutches
  • I no longer need to place my leg on a stool while using the restroom
  • I can now get things for myself (water, food, etc)
  • I can shower standing up now (I was sitting on a chair with my leg resting on a stool)
  • I have 115 degrees range of motion in my knee (possibly more)
  • I can ride the recumbent bike at the gym AND keep it on. In fact, I rode 5 miles yesterday
  • I started lifting weights again for my upper body
  • I am placing more weight on my right leg while crutching around
  • My knee brace was downgraded to a much smaller one
  • I start physical therapy on Monday

Now with physical therapy starting next week there are many things that I know are in my near future. Currently I cannot straighten my leg all the way. The therapist will work with me in accomplishing that. Also, my therapist will take me from using my crutches, to going to just one crutch, to walking normally! I will also regain all of my range of motion and begin to work on strengthening exercises to help regain my muscle that I’ve lost so far.

 So far, I am one month down and I have many more months to come. In just this past month I have made tremendous progress. I am feeling stronger everyday and I hope I continue to make strides everyday.