Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

I turned the bike on!

Look at that bend! That is what 105 degrees looks like.

Success! Well, sort of. To help facilitate my recovery, I’ve started riding the recumbent bike at the gym two times a week. When I first started, I could not even complete a full rotation. When I was able to complete a full rotation, I could not pedal the correct way. When I was able to pedal the correct way, I could not even turn the bike on. Well, I was able to turn the bike on yesterday! This is just another sign that I am making progress toward recovery. Although, even though I was able to turn the bike on, I could not start the bike. When the bike was on, it constantly read “start pedaling.” Well, I was pedaling, but I could not pedal fast enough. That is another goal that I have, to be able to turn the bike on and start it. When I am capable of doing that, I will know that I am making even more progress in my rehabilitation. As much as I just want to go outside and run right now, I have to focus on small, short-term goals that are evidence of steady rehabilitation. Speaking of progress, I had my CPM machine set to 105 degrees the other day. That is pretty exciting. I keep regaining more and more range of motion. Plus, my knee is looking much better as well. The incisions seem to be healing nicely, but there is still considerable swelling.

On a non-related knee note, Zac and I finally tackled a small project that we’ve had on our to-do list for quite some time now. Since we are slowly converting our home movie collection to Blu-Ray discs, we put all of our regular DVDs in a larger, leather CD holder. We estimate that we have about 230 movies! Wow, that is a lot. We organized our movies into different categories: action, comedy, drama, chick flicks that Zac won’t watch, and cartoon. Within each category we alphabetized each movie and placed it in the case. This was such a space saving project. We recycled three large trash bags worth of DVD cases and now have all of our regular DVDs neatly stored in a compact case. Even though we placed our regular discs in the case, we kept some DVDs out. Our television series DVDs (which only include Grey’s Anatomy, the complete Sex and the City series, and Entourage) are still in the original cases, and I had to keep all of the Disney movies in their cases. We decided that we will still keep the cases for our Blu-Ray discs since they are smaller.