Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Three weeks since surgery and the bike is getting easier!

As of today, it has been three weeks since I had surgery. While I have not progressed with this surgery as quickly as I have with my other surgeries, I am making progess. Also, seeing as how this is a revision surgery it makes sense for why my recovery is not as aggressive as before.

I went to the gym again yesterday. It is nice because Zac is already going, so I can go with him because I still am not cleared to drive. Day three on the recumbent bike was much easier than the first two days. Zac worked out for nearly two hours, so for almost two hours I was on the bike.

It only took a minute or so to be able to complete a full rotation on the bike. When I first started, I didn’t have enough range of motion in my knee to even do that! Plus, it is getting easier to pedal. While I mostly pedal backwards because there is less resitance in the bike and it is more passive because my healthy leg does much of the work, I did pedal forward more than I have in the past. Unfortunately, I still cannot pedal fast enough to turn the bike on. Once I am able to do that I will be so happy because it will be a huge step for me in my progress toward recovery. People must think I am nuts at the gym. I’m just pedaling on a bike that isn’t even on. Oh well, at least I know that I am helping my knee. Each day is one day closer to running.

As far as my therapy on the CPM machine goes, I had it on 100 degrees yesterday! Yay! With biking and using that machine, I am slowly gaining more range of motion with my knee. My next appointment with my surgeon is next week and I am almost positive that after that appointment I will be cleared for physical therapy. Once in therapy, I will be able to really get the ball rolling, and hopefully I will also be able to stop the atrophy in my leg. My poor thigh and calf, they are starting to look sickly and weak.