Another Knee Update

Today is my eleventh day out of surgery and it has been a while since I last posted an update about my knee. Things look and feel better, but I won’t know much more until this Wednesday (June 2) when I go in for my first post-op doctors appointment. I have so many questions for the doctor and I am interested in hearing my doctor’s opinion on my progress thus far. Also, I am really hoping that I am able to start physical therapy right away because I am itching to step in anything that remotely looks like a gym. Here is another picture. As you can see, the swelling has gone down some more.  The downside is that I am noticing that my leg is shrinking right before my own eyes. Atrophy seems to be getting the best of me so far. I guess 11 days of not using your leg muscles much will do that to you. After Wednesday’s appointment, I will have a more thorough update about my knee.


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