Knee Surgery Pictures


Finally, I got around to scanning these images that the doctor took from inside my knee during my surgery last week. I really do not know what they mean, nor do I know how to read these images, but I think they are pretty fascinating! All I know is that picture 2 contains the space where my ACL is supposed to be and that the white mass in picture 17 is my newly constructed ACL graft.

The upper left image is image number 2

The bottom left hand image is image number 17

I have yet to see my doctor for a post-op appointment, but the knee is looking great. The swelling has gone down some more and I am slowly working on getting back some range of motion by myself. I actually prefer to sit with it slightly bent sometimes because it relieves the tension and pressure I feel inside of it. The only thing though, is that I cannot measure the degrees of range of motion I have back yet because I do not have a physical therapy style protractor. If I had to guess though, I am thinking somewhere between 160 and 140 degrees, but really, I do not know.



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