Any progress is progress

Even though it’s only been a few days since surgery (4 days to be exact), I am starting to notice some progress in my knee. I have slowly weaned myself off of 24/7 pain medications and I am only taking narcotics now to sleep. During the day, I am simply taking 2 Naproxen pills and the pain is tolerable. I pretty much had no choice though; the Norco was beginning to make me sick. I think that I accidentally took too many Norcos on the second day. I had a difficult time staying awake, my breathing was super slow, and I was very nauseous.

 The initial swelling is starting to go down. As you can see in the picture, the big mass above the kneecap has decreased in size. Also, it is much easier to get around. Yesterday, I was able to finally get up out of bed by myself. This was a huge accomplishment because I no longer need assistance to use the restroom.

 I should be getting my CPM machine soon. Once I get it, I will be able to work on regaining my range of motion. I want to start bending it now, but I am a bit apprehensive and I want to discuss it with the doctor first. Even though I haven’t worked on regaining my range of motion yet, I have worked on strength. I am able to do leg lifts with my leg immobilized in my brace. I will do maybe 5 or 6 at a time and take a break. But I discovered that in addition to lifting my leg straight up, I can also lift it to up to the side. This is huge. With my prior surgeries it took tremendous effort to just engage my quad muscle and even raise my leg without the heavy brace on! Plus, I can bend all of my toes and squeeze them while I bend them. I can also place my heel into the bed and press down without pain. These are all good signs that my recovery is off to a smooth start. I am super anxious to be starting physical therapy and unfortunately I still have some time until I am able to do that.


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