Knee Surgery


Surgery is finally over and I am now on the road to recovery. Zac took me to the surgical center in the morning. We arrived there at 9:30 a.m., but the doctor was running later than planned, so we waited and waited in the waiting room before I was even able to get prepared for everything. Waiting only made the anticipation and anxiety worse. While waiting, my post-op brace, crutches, and ice machine were delivered to the surgical center. I did not get called back into the prep area until about 11:30.

For the most part, surgery went well and I now have a new ACL graft. Unfortunately, my meniscus was too damaged for the doctor to repair it, so he had to completely remove it. He did reassure me that I would be able to continue running. Also, he said the surgery was a bit more complicated than he had planned because he had to work around all of the hardware from my first surgery. Furthermore, I had a minor complication with the circulation in my foot. Apparently, after surgery I had very poor circulation in my foot which was causing it to be cold and slightly discolored. It is better now. Overall, the procedure took almost four hours. Initially, it was only supposed to be two.

 So far the pain has been manageable, but I can really feel the incision sites and they sting. I notice I have the most pain when my pain medication starts to wear off. Currently, during the day I am taking one Vicodin every two hours. At nighttime, I am taking two Vicodin every four hours. I am also icing frequently and the ice helps a lot. In fact, ice is my best friend. Ice makes everything better. When I am not icing, I am wearing my post-op knee brace, which extends from my upper thigh to my ankle. It is very fashionable!

 I actually slept pretty well last night and I am looking forward to another great night of pain medication induced sleep again. Since our bedroom is upstairs and going up the stairs is out of the question, I am sleeping on an air mattress downstairs. It is actually a lot more comfortable that I thought it would be. While the pain has not improved today, my foot is doing better. It now had good circulation and normal coloring, which is good because the doctor seemed pretty worried about it. Yesterday, once the morphine they gave me immediately post-op wore off I was in a lot of pain. Today’s pain ranged from about a four to a ten. The pain will continue for these next few days, but I just have to take everything one day at a time. Eventually, it will hurt less and less and I will be able to do more and more. Also, the doctor gave me some pictures of inside my knee that he took with a scope camera. When I am feeling up to it, I will scan them and put them up. They are pretty neat.

Here is a close up of my knee without the bandages. It is pretty swollen and you can see almost all of the incision points.


On a positive and non-knee-related note, Zac and I will celebrate our one year anniversary on Sunday. Well, he has to work on Sunday so we are actually celebrating on Saturday. Zac is planning on making a nice dinner for us and we ordered an anniversary cake from the same bakery we ordered our wedding cake from. (The idea of freezing the top layer of our wedding cake and eating it a year later royally grossed us out, so we just decided to get a fresh cake that was the same flavor as our favorite tier). Yay for a white chocolate macadamia nut cake with pineapple and coconut crème filling! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go on the mini-vacation we initially planned (golf and wine tasting in Temecula) because of my knee surgery, but we will be sure to do that one day.


6 responses to “Knee Surgery

  1. Glad its all over! Hopefully everything turns out good for you and hopefully you have a quick recovery!

    Happy annivesary! 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Glad the surgery went well. Only good things from here on out!

  3. Glad the surgery went well! Swelling looks good!! I cant believe I didnt mention your tenacity when I gave a brief lecture on the ligaments of the knee to a UNR undergrad kineseology class. Happy healing, take those pain meds. OH PS. Just curious if you named this ice machine?? 😉 XO

    • No, I didn’t name this ice machine. Actually, I haven’t even been using it. It sucks. I am using my ice wraps instead. They are awesome.

      That is so cool that you gave a lecture about ligaments at UNR!

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