Surgery Day

Yikes! I can’t believe it is here already. In about a half hour Zac and I are leaving to go to the surgery center. I am nervous for the pain after the procedure, but I am excited to finally start my recovery.

My fast began at midnight last night. When I realizes what the time was at 11:56, I drank an entire water bottle and nearly got brain freeze because it was so cold. Now, I can’t drink water at all, and I am so thirsty. It always happens. When you know you can’t eat or drink you always feel famished or parched.

Once I get to the place, the medical people will probably write “yes” all over my right knee, and “no” all over my left knee. This act frightened me before my first knee surgery. I thought, “here isa highly trained orthopedic surgeon and he doesn’t know his left from his right.” But, you never can be too safe. My second surgery I was the one who did the writing. I guess that was even safer! That way, I was the one labeling my knees.

So, hopefully all goes well and I will only have tolerable pain.


One response to “Surgery Day

  1. Good luck! Hope all goes smoothly!

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