The Running Lab in Orange

I went to one of the best running specialty stores I’ve ever been to yesterday. It is called The Running Lab, and it is in Orange, California. I went to this store with my husband because he is still on the quest for the perfect running shoe. Unfortunately, last time he was fitted (which was at A Snail’s Pace in Brea, California) the shoes he bought turned out to be ill-fitting and they have him substantial pain. Then, he added in SuperFeet and it too away his pain in the beginning, but then the pain came back, but this time in his other foot, after a couple weeks. It turns out that he is neutral in one foot and is a sever over-pronator in the other foot. Odd! But, this explains how he only had the pain in one leg and then how the pain switched legs after the addition of the SuperFeet. So, he was fitted with a pair of Asics Gel Evolutions and he will wear an insert in only one of his shoes. Hopefully this works because he needs to be able to run about five miles consistently for the fire academy.

As I was saying, this was a great running store. Zac’s fitting was very thorough and they didn’t rush through it. When the lady needed extra advice, she consulted her co-worker. He did a foot imprint, a walking pressure test; they measured height, weight, BMI, leg length, gait, and pretty much everything else in between. They also had him run around the block outside to test the shoes. This fitting process was the most thorough one I’ve yet to see.

The store also had an awesome selection of merchandise. I wanted to buy so many things, but I didn’t because it would not make sense because I won’t be running for a while. The store had a great selection of apparel, gear, shoes, and accessories. The downside is that their running apparel was extremely expensive. I found a cute pair of Asics running shorts and they were $54! Regardless, I will be going back after surgery to buy a few new things.


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