Wednesday is the big day

Well, it isn’t surgery…so maybe it isn’t the big day, but it is a big day. I have my final doctor’s appointment with my surgeon before my pre-op meeting. I am get a confirmation of when my surgery will be. So far, it is slated for Tuesday, May 18 and I am really hoping that it will be an early morning surgery.

I am starting to really stress out about this surgery. I keep reading about revision ACL surgery and it is freaking me out. Also, in addition to this procedure, I am also having meniscus repair surgery as well. With both procedures, there is the possibility of not having a full recovery, and also needing additional surgeries to correct the problem again. I am especially worries about the possibility of needing a second surgery for my ACL. It is possible that the holes in my femur and tibia that currently have screws holding my torn ACL graft in place have become too large. If that is true, I will automatically need two surgeries for my knee. The first one will be to remove the screws, place bone graft material in my bones, remove the damaged ACL, and fix the meniscus. Later on after I fully heal, (several months at least) I will then have the ACL revision surgery. What stinks about this is that there is no way of knowing if this will happen. The doctor will only be able to decide once he opens up my knee. I am praying that when I wake up after surgery that he will say, “everything is fine, you did beautifully, I expect a full recovery.” But, that is all out of my control and I cannot do anything about it right now.

I am still working on my pre-op rehabilitation plan. I am doing modified leg weights, riding the bike, and doing the stair stepper. Still, despite these efforts, there is still slight atrophy in my right leg. Luckily, there is less than an inch difference now. I’ve successfully built up some of my muscle that I lost immediately following the injury. Also, I’ve found a new exercise to do at the gym that I believe is helping my knee. I am doing step ups on the small stool with 10 pound weights in each hand. The stool is about a foot high or so, and I do 3 sets of 50 steps. In addition to a weight workout, it is also a cardio workout.

I alternate with each step right now and I am liking this new exercise. When I am fully recovered, I think I will try to add in a shoulder press into the mix. I like doing combination/complex exercises that target multiple muscle groups throughout my body.

Finally, I am so close to completing my CA Single Subject teaching credential. This next week is my last week of student teaching and then I have completed all of the requirements to apply for my credential. Let’s just hope that I will be able to find a job in the fall. Also, I made the decision to take advantage of my down time after surgery, and I will complete my last Master’s class over the summer along with my Graduate Seminar -which is an independent study type of ordeal for most of the summer. So, come August, I will have my Master’s degree. That is also make me eligible to teach at the college level. Furthermore, because I will have my teaching credential in English, my Master’s in Education, and a BA in Journalism AND Political Science, I can teach all three subjects at the college level. Perhaps I can be an adjunct or assistant professor at a nearby community college. That will help open up my job opportunities.


One response to “Wednesday is the big day

  1. Best of luck!Congrats on being so close to finishing your Master's!

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