Student Teaching is ALMOST over

I have four weeks of student teaching left. I can’t wait for it to be over because then I can apply for my California teaching Credential! Yay! Student teaching is going well and I am excited about the lessons I am teaching in the next few weeks. I am continuing my persuasive essay writing unit with the juniors, and I am starting a unit on the play Cyrano de Bergerac with my sophomores. I just read this play for the first time and I LOVED it! Well, except for the ending.

My knee is doing better. I am able to walk without crutches now, but I still can’t straighten my leg. I am enjoying my newly acquired mobility, but I know it will be short lived. Surgery will most likely be on May 18th and after that I won’t be moving around much. I’ve also been working on keeping my cardio fitness up and keeping my leg muscles strong. The stronger they are going into surgery, the easier recovery will be. I even bought some leg weights so I could do some exercises at home. I bought adjustable 5lb ankle weights.

Finally, as weird as this sounds, Zac and I are beginning to plan a vacation for the fall that we hope we will not be able to take. We want to travel a bit before we move on to the next phase of our life and we are thinking that this fall may be a great time. Even though the timing might be perfect, we are hoping it won’t. If Zac is in a fire academy, or if I beat the odds and land myself a full time teaching position in Southern California’s horrible economy, we will not be able to go…and that is what we are hoping for. But, if things do not work out career wise, we plan on fully taking advantage of his vacation time and my time off by planning a nice, long vacation to Italy!
We want to go to Rome for a few days, visit his friend in Reggio Emilia, and visit Lake Como, Milan, and possibly Naples and/or Genoa. Over the past week I have shopped around for Hotels and flights and I have found quite a few details. We just can’t plan right now because we aren’t sure if he will be in a Fire Academy, or if I will have a teaching job. If we can’t go this fall, we are hoping either next fall or summer we will go.

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