Welcome back, old friend

Now that I am cleared to go back to the gym, I am back to wearing my post-op sports brace. The brace was custom made to fit my leg’s measurements. It fit back when I was in college when I had the surgery and is a little big now, but it will do. This brace is designed for ACL injuries and it keeps my knee lined up and prevents lateral movement. If you watch closely, most college football teams wear these braces as a preventative measure.

When I was recovering from both of my previous ACL surgeries, I had to wear these type of braces for any and all physical activity, even running! This brace is not fun to fun in. The velco scrapes my inner calves, and my other leg gets scratched up from hitting the brace. My brace for my left knee is a sparkly blue color! If I had to wear both of them at the same time I could support many sports teams 🙂

Anyway, my brace is out of storage and back in commission. I have to wear it to the gym and I must say, that it is attracting substancial stares from my fellow gym goers. I don’t know why it is provoking so many stares. Maybe because it is a different knee brace than most. Or maybe because I am limping around the gym in it. I don’t know. But, here it is.
Side View
Front View                                                       Back View

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