Facing reality and setting goals

My surgery will be in May. The recovery time is pretty substancial -about half a year or slightly more. All of my planned races for 2010 are no longer feasible. With that said, I have started planning things that I want to accomplish, and reaccomplish, post knee surgery. This is my post-knee surgery bucket list. These are things that I want to do and accomplish on my road to recovery and after recovery.

Here is the start of my growing list:
1. Complete the Long Beach Marathon Bike Race in October 2010
2. Walk/Run the LA Marathon in March 2011
3. Race a marathon in Fall/Winter 2011
4. Hike Mt. Baldy again … but this time plan ahead and make it ALL the way to the top. We were about 500 feet from the summit. Here are some pictures from our hike up the mountain last year.

Zac and I at the start of the trail (last year). I think this is at about 6000 feet.
The view of the Inland Empire from (almost) the top. This is about 9600 feet up 🙂

One response to “Facing reality and setting goals

  1. Sounds like some great goals!

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