Back to the Gym!

The last time I ran was on January 17, 2010, and the last time I was at the gym was February 2, 2010…that is, until today! I had a check-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon today and he cleared me to do modified exercise at the gym. YES! Also, it looks like my surgery will be scheduled on Tuesday, May 18.

The doctors appointment went well, for the most part. I had several questions to ask him about recovery time, supplements, and working out. Here is what he told me.
Q: What is the recovery time for revision reconstructive ACL and menisus repair surgery?
A: Six months at a minimum. It could take up to a year depending on how I respond to surgery, rehab, and physical therapy.

Q: I read on my fish oil supplement that it says stop taking it if you have an impending surgery
A: I can keep taking it for now. I just need to stop 10 days to two weeks before surgery so that the clotting agents in my blood will be okay for surgery

Q: What kind of exercise can I do now? Can I at least ride the bike.
A: I can ride the bike and do almost all of my regular exercises. I have to be aware of my knee and how the exercise is affecting it. If something bothers it, obviously don’t do it. I want to have my leg muscles in my right leg be as strong as possible for surgery, that way rehab will be easier.

So, that was it. I am pretty disappointed to know that a full rehabilitation may take up to a year. Especially because my other knee surgeries had a shorter recovery time. That possibly takes out the LA Marathon (even a walk/jog) in 2012, but at least I am working toward getting healthier. I still plan on adding to my bucket list of things I want to accomplish and reaccomplish after knee surgery. Of course, a BQ is on that list!

After my appointment this morning, I went to the gym. Oh how I have missed that place! While I am still limited on many of the things I want to do, like running and heavy lifting, I am still there. Today I did an easy day to get myself back in the groove. I rode 5.25 miles on the bike (which I hope to increase slowly) and did a modified lower body workout. I did the leg curl machine, the leg press machine, the leg extension machine, the abductor machine, the adductor machine, and some abs! Oh it was great. I love a little sweat!

Suprisingly enough, when I weighed myself pre-workout, I was down 5 pounds! And, this was after breakfast and a lot of water too, so I am probably down 6+ pounds. I am somewhat sad about this. I know it is all muscle, but I know atrophy is a part of an injury such as mine, but it is annoying nonetheless. At least I did not gain though! Because that would have meant added weight plus loss of muscle.


One response to “Back to the Gym!

  1. Glad you were able to get back in there!

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