I’ll see you, L.A., in 2011

Recently, I contacted the L.A. Marathon. Last I heard, there were less than 250 spots for this year’s race and I know it will sell out. I hold one of these coveted spots, but I can’t run it. I was interested to see if LA had a waiting list. That way I could just transfer my entry to a healthy runner, and get back my $125 entry fee. I think it is a win-win situation. That did not happen, but the marathon is letting me transfer my registration to next year! I had to send in a letter and a doctor’s note stating my injury. I am so excited. I was really looking forward to running this year, especially with the new, awesome course; I was crushed when I realized it would not happen this year.

I’ve not got my eyes on a prize and a post-surgery goal. Watch out, L.A. Marathon 2011!

With that said, it will be tough to get into marathon shape by next March. I can’t even have surgery until May, and this type of surgery usually has a 6-8 month recovery time for being able to get back into sports. I will, however, be on the bike a couple weeks after surgery, and I will have to use the bike to slowly build my endurance. I know next year’s LA won’t be another sub 4 marathon, and I definitely will not qualify for Boston, but I plan on slowly jogging it, and probably walking through all of the water stops and possibly more than that also.

My goal is to complete a marathon next year after my third knee surgery! I am making this promise to myself that I won’t get discouraged and I won’t get discouraged with my time. Finishing a marathon 10 months after knee surgery will be a reward in itself.


One response to “I’ll see you, L.A., in 2011

  1. Glad they were willing to transfer your entry!I will definiely be thinking about you on Sunday, even though you can not run it physically, you are still a marathoner and will be back!

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