A not so happy post about my knee and surgery

I met with the orthopedic surgeon this morning and while the appointment went very well, I left feeling pretty low. It is one thing to know inside what is coming and what is in your future, but it is a different story when you hear something out loud and discuss your options. While I knew this was coming, today I officially learned that I am having ACL revision reconstruction surgery and meniscus repair surgery. Due to my student teaching taking place this semester and the slow approval process of workers’ comp insurance; I won’t have surgery until May. Ideally I would have the surgery on Monday, March 22 when spring break starts, that way I would have a full weak to recover before heading back into the classroom, but the doctor assured me that it won’t be approved by then. So, May it is. Combine a May surgery with a six-to-eight month recovery time window and I am not running at all for the rest of 2010.

While I’m super bummed about needing my third knee surgery, I am very pleased with my workers’ comp assigned doctor. Going into my appointment this morning, I did not like my doctor. I felt that I was trapped with this doctor and that I had no other choices. I did not like my previous orthopedic surgeon that operated on my knee earlier. I had a feeling about him in the pit of my stomach and reluctantly went forth with a surgery that ultimately failed. Needless to say, I was worried I wouldn’t like this surgeon and would be stuck in a similar position. That was totally not the case. My new doctor is great. Just from the first meeting with him I know that he is nice, experienced, board certified, personable, and I genuinely feel as if has my best interests in mind.

I know that the road to surgery is going to be rough, and that surgery itself will be rough, and that recovery/rehab will be even rougher…but I’ve got to play the hand I was dealt.

My blog will probably shift a bit this year. It won’t be focused on running as much, and I will probably post random things. Mostly though, I will be posting updates on my knee and chronicling my surgery and my road back to 26.2.


2 responses to “A not so happy post about my knee and surgery

  1. Your blog will help so many in the running community that will have injuries that take them away from running for months at a time. Did the doctor leave you with any options as far as exercise like pilates, swimming, yoga, etc? I'm not familiar with what you are allowed to in this situation so I'm sorry if that question is a big ignorant. I was just hoping there would be something exercise wise that you could do to help keep your mind/body busy during all of this.CJ

  2. I am so sorry for the news. It seems like you have a good, realistic attitude about it all.

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