Let’s talk vitamins

In an ideal world, we would get all of our required and essential nutrients from the food we consume in a perfect diet. The world isn’t ideal though, and neither are many of our diets. I know my diet isn’t perfect. To fill the nutritional gaps in my diet I turn to vitamins to make sure tmy body is properly nourished. If you disagree with taking vitamins, you need not read on. Also, if you are looking for specific medical advice on which vitamins you should take please be aware that these are the vitamins that I take. They work for me. Just like running shoes though, they may not be best for you.

When I first started shopping for vitamins a about five years back I was overwhelmed by all of the choices. In addition to the many multivitamins available, I was barraged by bottles of B12, B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Cranberry extract, etc. I didn’t know where to start. So I grabbed a generic brand multivitamin and high-tailed it out of there.

After some research and some trial and error, I eventually decided that Women’s One-A-Day was the right vitamin for me. I also found that if I took it in the morning, even with breakfast, it made my stomach upset. I now take it at night. I’ve taken this multivitamin for a while now and I like it. Recently, I saw the Women’s One-A-Day Active Mind and Body. After comparing the two, I decided that (for me) it was a total rip and not worth the extra money. There wasn’t much of a difference. And for me, there definitely wasn’t enought of a difference to warrant the higher price.

All was going great with my multivitamin and then I started reading about the benefits of taking glucosamine chondroitin. There are studies that show this supplement is beneficial, and there are studies that show this supplement is a quack. Either way, I remember an article from Runner’s World where the writer said, “if there was one thing [he] would invest in, it would be glucosamine chondroitin.” With all of my knee issues I figured it couldn’t hurt to start taking this supplement. Eventaully, I stumbled upon the bottle sold at Costco and it has the recommended dosage. I like it. Even if it is just the placebo effect (which I don’t think it is), I believe that I am prolonging my knees’ health.

Finally, I just recently started adding in Omega 3 fish oil – also from Costco – into my vitamin mix. I now take 4 pills a day -a multivitamin, two glucosamine chondroitin pills, and a fish oil pill. This combination works great for me. I have found that when I forget to steadily take my vitamins, I sometimes catch a cold. The only time I’ve been sick in the past two years was when I forgot to take my vitamins. Coincidence? I think not.
To help me remember to take my vitamins daily, I now place them in a pill reminder box. It works. I keep it out on the bathroom counter and I remember to take them every night.

What vitamins do you take?


One response to “Let’s talk vitamins

  1. I take G&C, in a liquid form. I do not take it everyday, just mostly on the days that I run.I also have flax seed meal (high in Omega's) each day, somehow. I put it in a smoothie, or on top of my cereal.Other than that, I take a daily multi, and that is about it.

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