The Waiting Game

I am not a patient person by any means and yet I am in a situation right now where I have no other option but to wait. I’m waiting to find out the results from my MRI yesterday, which I won’t find out until Friday at the earliest.

My MRI was yesterday and it went about as well as an MRI can go. We arrives early, found a great parking spot, and went into an empty reception office. I filled out some paperwork and answered “no” to all of the medical condition questions that can have an affect on an MRI except for one. I checked “yes” to having metal, rods, screws, pins, or nails in my body. I have 4 screws in my body, two in each knee.

After a brief wait in the front, I was called back. The MRI tech said it would only take about 40 minutes to complete the test. I walked back into the MRI room and was pleasantly suprised when I saw it was an open MRI. I’m only slightly clausterphobis and can handle the closed ones for knee scans, but the open MRI was much more enjoyable and didn’t make me feel trapped at all. As an MRI veteran, I knew the room would be uncomfortably chilly. I brought fuzzy socks and a sweatshirt with me even though the nice weather yesterday prompted me to wear shorts and a tank top. The tech told me he could play some music for me and asked what I liked to listen to. Assuming he would turn on the radio, I told him KROQ. He then told me that he would play his CDs or iPod and he gave me a few CDs to choose from. I selected Weezer.

Once the tech left the room I heard the loud MRI machine rev up and then Weezer’s Blue Album started up. I made it the whole way through the album, listening to favorite songs such as “Surf Wax USA” and “Buddy Holly” while the lous MRI machine clunked and clanked and vroomed and made other loud noises in distinct patterns.

Eventually the music ended and I fell asleep to the steady noise of the MRI machine. I woke up when it suddenly stopped and the test was over.

Before I left the testing facility, they gave me my slides and told me my results would be sent over to the doctors office tomorrow (today). I asked the tech if he was able to read the results and he said yes, but that he wasn’t at liberty to discuss results with patients. Grrr. I just want to know what is wrong with my knee.

Once Zac and I got home we looked through all of the films and saw a whole lot of nothing. Neither of us know what we are looking for. We did however see the two screws in my right knee. They were solid black spaces in the shape of screws.

So now I continue to play the waiting game. After I injured my knee on Tuesday, February 2 I waited to see the doctor after multiple appointments seeing only PAs, then I waited to get my MRI approval, then I waited for my MRI appointment, and now I am waiting for my next appointment on Friday to get my results. I am still waiting for my ortho approval. Finally, I am waiting to get on the road to recovery. These past two weeks I’ve spent in limbo just waiting. I am starting to get restless. I want answers and I want to start the recovery process.


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