Surf City Marathon and Half Expo

Even though I didn’t run in the Surf City Half Marathon as initially planned, I went to the expo to pick up my race stuff to pass along a friend. Seeing as how 2010 would have been my third consecutive year running this race, it qualified me as a Longnoard Legacy Club Member of the race. I passed along my race entry because I wanted to maintain my legacy status and felt that one of my friends would benefit from a free entry to a sold out race.

Usually I make it a priority to go to race expos usually on Friday or early on Saturday, but that wasn’t the case with yesterday’s expo. Zac was in charge of when we went, since he was driving, and he decided to go after he got back from the gym, showered, and ate lunch. I knew it would be packed.
Once we got there, we parked fairly close, but once I started crutching to the tent I knew I should have had him drop me off. I probably crutched about 1/2 a mile from the car to the expo and it was difficult. My hands, triceps, and shoulders burned and I was exhausted! If you are looking for some cross training, I suggest crutching. It’s new and will surely catch on.
As I suspected, the expo was PACKED, making crutching around a difficult task. I had to maneuver around people in awe at all the running gloriousness that is found at most expos. Even the “excuse me”s and “pardon me”s didn’t help. I was still bumped into, ran into, and I even got a crutch kicked and almost fell. Oh well, I still made it out alive and unharmed.

Zac got to the bib pick-up area first. He told the volunteer my number and she promptly asked for ID. I crutched along behind him and pulled out my wallet. Upon seeing this, she replied, “I’m not even going to ask.” Then, she looked at my bib and noticed the legacy club marker indicating my status and she had another comment to say. It was something along the line of, “well, I see why you are here, you need to pick up your shirt.”

From the bib pick-up area, I was told to go to a special tent where I picked up my Long Board Legacy Club Member shirt. It is okay. It is made of cotton so it will be a shirt I wear around the house. The pictures don’t really show the color, but the shirt is a light blue long sleeved shirt. 

After collecting my Legacy shirt, I went to collect my tech race shirt and bag. I love the Surf City shirts. They are long sleeved and I always get a medium because I like these ones a bit baggier for some reason. My friend let me keep my shirt, and he even offered to give me the medal, but I told him that I couldn’t accept the medal because I didn’t earn it. Here is the design on the back of this year’s shirt.

Finally, we get to the best part of the expo: the bag! I love bags and I was so excited when I picked mine up. It is a plastic, reusable grocery bag! While I’m not a big “go green” person, I do try to do my part. I use my Nalgene bottles all the time, I drive a fuel-efficient Civic, and I recycle. Now, I have my first reusable grocery bag that I plan on taking to Trader Joe’s when I purchase fruit and snacks. This bag is AWESOME!
You can see my crutches in the background. I love how the pier and Ruby’s Diner is on one side of the bag. I also love that each surf board is a medal design from this race and past races. I’m excited to use my bag!
Overall, it was pretty sad going to the expo knowing that I wasn’t running the race. Zac and I didn’t even bother walking around the expo to look at booths. Besides, it was so crowded it would have been very difficult to get around. At least I got to see the beach (and we drove by the part of the beach where Zac propsed to me at) and parking was free.

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