My foot is the least of my worries now

I injured my knee at work Tuesday night and I know it is bad. Unfortunately, because it happened at work I have to go through worker’s comp which is taking forever. I am currently waiting for an ortho and MRI approval through worker’s comp insurance.

I don’t know how I managed this one, but it is pretty bad. My knee won’t fully straighten it and when I try to I experience excruciating pain. I also can’t put any weight on it whatsoever without experiencing pain. When I get up and hobble around on my crutches it also hurts. Right now I am couch-bound. I am thinking it is pretty bad. It feels like something is out of place and/or pinched inside of my knee.

Usually when I am injured I am immediately annoyed at how it will affect my running routine and this time it is different. Right now the LA marathon is one of my last concerns. Instead, I am thinking about how I will manage to get through this semester, how I will perform in student teaching, and when I will be able to walk again.

Luckily, I am very fortunate to have such an amazing husband. Zac is so great at taking care of me. He took yesterday off of work to take me to my doctor’s appointment and his next shift isn’t until Sunday. I feel bad because he has to do almost everything for me, but he says that it is his job to take care of me.

Hopefully my next appointment, which is tomorrow, goes well and I’m approved for an MRI and ortho appointment soon. I want to get the ball moving so that recovery can come quicker.


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