Stationary bike, I loathe you!

One common and quirky running quote states, “my sport is your sport’s punishment.” If that is true and running is the punishment for other sports, then the stationary bike must be the punishment for running. Particularly, it must be the punishment for injured runners.

I loathe the stationary bike with every ounce of energy I have right now. It is so boring, mundane, and awful. Every second I spend spinning away on that bike feels like minutes dragging on. With my current injury, the bike is the only cardio I can do right now. I definitely can’t run and I am not sure if the elliptical machine would make my injury worse.

There are things I try to do on the bike to make the time go by faster, but they really don’t help much. Every mile that goes by I wish that I was running instead and I am just counting down the time until I can call my bike session a decent cardio workout. One thing that I do to try and pass the time is play a little game with myself to see how high I can get my heart rate. I know this is interval training, but for me it is a game. Today, I was able to get it up to 176. Last week I was even in the 180s. Another thing I do while on the bike to try and pass the time is listen to my music while reading the CNN closed captions that flash across the overhead TV. I also try and pass the time by synchronize my pedaling to the beat of the music. Finally, when I have the resistance pretty high and I am spinning at about 100+ rps, I lean forward, hold onto the front of the bike, and imagine that I am finishing up a century ride and that I am pedaling through a scenic, hilly forrest or down the California coastline.

Even with these games and tricks that I play while on the bike, I am still on the bike and hating every minute of it. I think it is the most miserable form of cardio. I should probably just start going to spin class now because I actually enjoy spin class. I know this may seem like a contradiction seeing as how I despise the stationary bike but enjoy spin class, but it is what it is.


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