Product Review: Blender Bottle

Zac and I have used these Blender Bottles for quite some time now and we love them. Up until a few days ago, we only had the larger, 26 oz size bottles. We recently saw and bought these two 20 oz bottles.

I think I actually like these smaller bottles better. Besides the fact that they are short and stumpy (which makes them cute) they are also more practical. Who drinks 26 oz of protein anyways? Usually I only have 10-12 oz of water mixed in with my protein.

Uses for these bottles:
1. Mixing protein
2. Mixing pre- and post- workout supplements
3. Chocolate milk (yum)

They were $8 each and at Henry’s Food Market. I’ve also seen them at GNC as well. They are easy to clean also. Just put the metal mixer ball in the silverware section of the dishwasher and load the cup and lid in the top dishwasher drawer.


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