My ideal life plan for the next few years

I know that life never really follows any set plans and that at any moment anything can happen to change all the groundwork laid for set plans (case in point my stupid foot), but I’m a planner. I like lists, itineraries, plans, goals and milestones.

This past year was such a big year for Zac and I. He finished paramedic school and is now a nationally certified paramedic, I went back to school to earn my teaching credential and Master’s degree, we got married in May at our beautiful outdoor wedding, we went to Kauai in the summer, Zac got hired as a Paramedic with an ambulance company, I was given the opportunity to work as a long-term sub for almost three months during part of my student teaching, and I finished the year with a sub 4 marathon.

With 2009 being so magnificent, it is hard to imagine 2010 topping it, but we’ve got some big plans. I will graduate in the summer with my Master’s degree and hopefully be hired as a teacher, Zac will enter the fire academy, and we are hoping to purchase our first house toward the end of the year. We even have a pre-homebuyers appointment set up this month to get all of our finances in order. (Think like a pre-ttc doctors visit to make sure your body is in tip-top baby-making shape).

Continuing on with ideal plans, I would love to run the Boston marathon in April 2011 (meaning I have to qualify at LA or in a TBD fall marathon). The two of us are also planning a European vacation for that summer. We are thinking a month-long excursion and we would love to see a bit of Spain, France, Italy, and Greece if possible.

In the meantime, we have plans to take some golf lessons, go on some roadtrips, and keep saving up for all of the things we want to do. Pretty much we are just enjoying the married life right now and we are looking forward to celebrating our first anniversary in May.


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