First injury of 2010

I’m on my way to urgent care. I’ve got a swollen foot that hurts like a SOB.

UPDATE: I went to the urgent care and waited for about an hour and a half to see someone. Good thing I had Runner’s World’s new fitness issue to entertain me. The PA said I had too much swelling for it to be a stress fracture (which is what I was worried about because after 3 weeks off from running from the marathon and my sickness I jumped back into it) and that is is most likely an inflamed tendon. He said no running for a week, rest it, compress it, use heat therapy and anti-inflammatories. Also, he said if it is still hurting in a week that I need to go back to get an Xray.

You can see the swelling here. That bump on top is usually not there. Here is to hoping that a week of no running is all it takes.


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