Leaving for Vegas tomorrow!

I’ve never ran a marathon that I’ve had to travel to and I’m discovering that it is quite nerve wrecking. Am I packing everything? Do I have all my bases covered? What if I forget something? I’ve got all of my race day gear (minus the gloves I temporarily displaced) lined up and I am finishing packing everything else up. I’ve got all my protein and my day of race drinks in baggies.

The reality of the marathon is setting in and I am so excited to run in my hometown. I just read some local news and the channel reported that 27,000 people have signed up! WOW!

Also, my group got printed shirts made. They say “running mofos” on the front, and “run like a mofo” on the back 🙂 We call ourselves the mofos because we are just crazy and insane to run as much as we do 🙂 I hope other people enjoy our humor.

Anyway, I just found this video on the marathon’s website. Here is a course tour of what I will be running on Sunday!


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