Daily Archives: November 28, 2009

Do I dare delight the desert double down?

I am considering running the Rock ‘n Roll Arizona 1/2 Marathon on January 17 after running the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas full on December 6! I am not worried about being able to do it physically or mentally, I know I can do that, I think the expenses of an extra traveling marathon are holding me back. I wouldn’t run it to break my 1/2 PR (1:42), but knowing myself I would absolutely want to break 1:50. Also, with last week’s announcement about the LA Rock ‘n Roll, I want to get in more RnR races to get some serious bling!

If I run AZ after LV, I get the Desert Double Down medal. Plus, it is a great start to the 2010 racing season!
Then, I could do AZ, SD, LA, and LV in 2010! Oh, decisions, decisions!