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New PR: Long Beach 1/2

When I think about my performance at the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon yesterday, I just smile. I was on cloud 9 before, during and after the race. My previous 1/2 PR was 1:50:19 and I completely SMASHED it. My goal was to run a 1:45 and I came it with a net time of 1:42:29.
I was able to get a little more sleep than usual before a race. I think I managed to get about 4 1/2 hours. For me, that is a lot of sleep before a race. I always get so anxious and can never sleep.
When I arrived to the race site with Allison, I signed in with my Pacers Family. I saw that another runner was planning on running a 1:45 so I sought him out and ran with him. It wasn’t until we were lined up in corral 1 that he told me he was going to try for a 1:40. “Okay,” I thought, “maybe I can do faster than 1:45.”
The gun goes off and we start. Seeing as how we lined up in the very back of corral 1 (the Elites were in this same corral) it took us a bit of time to get moving. And, as always, we passed many people who should not have been in that corral.
I felt “on” for the entire race and I only fatigued slightly at mile 11…but I was able to rev up my engine again when I saw the 12 mile marker and I picked it up for a nice solid finish.

My mile splits for the race were:
Mile 1: 8:10
Mile 2: 7:54
Mile 3: 7:50
Mile 4: 7:46
Mile 5: 7:45
Mile 6: 7:44
Mile 7: 7:40
Mile 8: 7:48
Mile 9: 7:43
Mile 10: 7:39
Mile 11: 7:36
Mile 12: 7:46
Mile 13: 7:35
My friends David and Allison ran the full marathon yesterday, and both of them got a PR also! It was just a day full of PRs for the Pacer Family!

What a hectic new schedule!

I started my student teaching/long term substitute position this last week. This addition to my schedule is on top of a part time job at a restaurant and school. I am one busy lady. Last week, I had something to do M-Th in the day and in the night. Friday, I had a break…I only had to do something during the daytime.

Needless to say, my training is affected because of this. From now until December, I won’t be able to run outside that much. Instead, I find myself waking up at 4:30 a.m. to get in my run on the treadmill in the garage.

Including my race this past weekend, I ran:
33.1 miles in

10K female winner!

I ran my first 10K this morning, the St. Paul of the Apostle Harvest Festival 10K, and I came in first for my age group and first overall woman! I’ve never been an overall winner before and I am super excited.

My initial goal for the race was to run a sub 45/45 flat and I came in at 45:19. Even though those pesky 19 seconds got in the way, I am very proud of my time.

The race course followed almost of all of my favorite training routes that I run by myself and with the Pacers. I guess that is a perk of running a race super close to your house 🙂

The first 2 miles were uphill; the uphill was mostly gradual with about 3 actual hills. Next, the course had about a mile of a downhill stretch. The course finished mostly flat after a small hill around mile 5.

When the race began, I took off with the fastest group. I got out fast and established my pace by the first 1/2 mile. I tried to stay between 7:00 and 7:30. I noticed that there was only one other female who shot out with the breakout group. She was in my AG too. I was right behind her for the first mile (letting her set the pace for us) until the first big hill. I love hills. I train in the hills. I passed her on the hill.

With about 1/2 mile to go, I approached the turn and I overheard race officials say, “she is the first woman.” Even though I knew I was leading the women, it was such an amazing feeling to hear those words.

After the race, I ate pancakes with my friend Allison and her husband Gary and watched the awards ceremony. I felt so strong during the race and recovered quickly. I am so ready for the Long Beach 1/2 next Sunday. Hopefully I finish that race as close to 1:45:00 as possible.

Race breakdown:
10K/6.2 miles
7:18 pace
1st place female
1st place AG
10th finisher overall

Weekly run breakdown
30.81 miles in