Tuesday Tempo Run

I am contemplating running a 10K this weekend, ahem, racing a 10K this weekend and today I wanted to do a tempo run as a tester for the 10K…if I decide to do it. I ran 6 miles in 46 minutes. It came out to a 7:40 minute/mile pace. Ideally, I would like to come in as close to 45 minutes for the 10K if possible and given a flat course, I believe it is feasible.

I felt strong on my tempo run today and finished strong as well. I easily could have pushed myself more….but chose not to for a “training” run.

Today’s tempo run also boosts my confidence for my half marathon next weekend. Ideally, I want to run it in 1:45, but I will be happy with anything that breaks 1:50. To run it in 1:45, I need to maintain an 8:00 minute/mile pace and even though 13 miles is a much greater distance than 6, the extra 20 seconds leeway per mile gives me some hope that it is possible.


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