Great 18 mile run – ice bath

I rounded out training for this week with an 18 mile run with my running group. We started early (5:45) to beat the heat. It is supposed to be 103 today and it is already 95 before 11! I was a bit worried about today’s run because my hamstring tendon was a bit tight, but it was a great run and I felt strong the entire time.

The run lasted 2 hours and 59 minutes….so, 3 hours. I consumed one e-Gel pack, 6 sports beans, and one shot block. That is pretty good. I don’t rely on energy gels and beans as much for energy.

As I write this entry, I am currently submerged from my legs down in ice water. I have a garbage can that I designated solely for the purpose of ice baths. I put in 40lbs of ice, some water, and hop right in. I need to stand in here for 20 minutes. The cold is quite painful, but I know it helps tremendously.

This week, I broke the 40 mile mark! Whoo hoo!
I ran 41.3 miles in
6 hours and 26 minutes!

My running is almost a part time job!

2 weeks until the Long Beach Half and 10 weeks until the Las Vegas full!



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