The rest of the week

After my speed work out on Tuesaday, I took Wednesday off as a rest day and continued my training on Thursday. I did a tempo run on Thursday. I ran for fourty minutes (after a slow mile warm-up) and in that fourty minutes I ran 5.25 miles. I was pretty impressed with myself.

On Friday, I ran an easy 3 miles for recovery.

Saturday is my long run day, I ran 10.52 miles (was supposed to be just 10, oops) with my group and felt good. Rather than using sports beans, I switched back to my e-Gel goo and I found that even though I prefer the taste of the beans, I perform better with the e-Gel. I will have to continue incorporating the e-Gel into my routine.

Lastly, after our run, Julie and I did yoga for about a half hour to stretch out. Yoga right after a long-run is a great way to cool-down.

For this week, I ran:
32.79 miles
4 hours, 57 minutes, 57 seconds


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