It is horrible outside

This week turned out to be a rest week for me. It started on Thursday when I skipped my tempo run. Yes, I know, I missed an important run, I will have to make sure to do it next week.

The four fires in Southern California right now are making for less than favorable training conditions. This whole week, smoke has filled the air and the air quality has been unhealthy. That means, much of my running has taken place inside at the gym this week.

Also, this week we have had a terrible heat wave (which is probably why we have the four fires burning right now). Today, it is supposed to reach 108 degrees and this whole week the temperature has hovered around 103-108 degrees. YIKES!

Yesterday, I ran an easy 5 at the gym and today I was supposed to run 12, but I only ran 6. The combination of the smokey air, combined with the increasing heat made it not possible to complete the 6.

After running the 6 today, I got out my yoga mat and Julie and I did some yoga in the shade of a tree. It was such a great way to end a run.

This week, I ran a total of 21.55 miles. After this week of less miles, I am going to be refreshed and rejuvenated for even more miles next week.


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