Decided on my next goal

And, that would be to run a 1:45 at the Long Beach Half Marathon. My current PR is 1:50:19, so I need to shave considerable time off of my current time. In order to run a 1:45, I need to maintain a pace of 8:00 minutes per mile. This is doable, but I need to focus on my speed work in the next 6 weeks. From now on until the 1/2, I am going to do a track/speed workout on Tuesdays and a tempo run on Thursdays. I can do this.

So far this week, on Monday, I ran an easy 5 miles and then did a lower body leg workout. Usually I lift before I run, and I totally noticed a difference. It was much more difficult to lift after running.

And yesterday, I did an upper body weight workout in the morning and went to track practice in the evening. We warmed up with a mile, did 3-1600m repeats, and then cooled down with a mile. Good workout. All my miles were in the 7:00-7:30 pace range.


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